Ukraine, Crosetto: “Italian mines, Russians lie knowing they are lying”

The minister: “From the Russian embassy an allusive and tendentious propaganda against our country which has always respected the rules of international law”

“L’Russian Embassy in Italyas has already been done by the Russian Foreign Ministry, on the alleged anti-personnel mines produced and sold by Italy lies knowing that he is lying. The latest tweet from the Russian Embassy contains, in particular, deliberately misleading, untruthful and grossly derogatory information. A’allusive and tendentious propaganda against our country which has always respected the norms of international law. The use of fake news and out-of-context photos to induce the reader to draw completely false conclusions is surprising”.

“The mines reproduced in the tweet (1 anti-personnel and 2 anti-tank) are reminiscent of Italian-made Valsella/Tecnovar mines – he explains – which cannot be Italian for a multitude of reasons. First of all because the production of anti-personnel mines in Italy was interrupted more of 28 years ago with a moratorium by the Italian government and the subsequent law 374/1997 which definitively banned them starting from the accession of our country, one of the first signatories of the Ottawa treaty against anti-personnel mines. Italian production were exported only until the early 1990s.The production license was also granted to other countries, as can be seen from the initials of the only anti-personnel mine shown in the photo, a VS50 not produced in Italy but in the Far East We warn Russia and its diplomatic terminals from continuing to spread false news on this matter.”