Ukraine, Crosetto: “Probable escalation of war”

Defense Minister to Ramstein: “Italy will continue to play its part”

In Ukraine “we need to move from words to deeds as soon as possible. Each nation will contribute military equipment (anti-missile batteries and land vehicles) to help the Ukrainian defense to deal with the worsening of the conflict that is likely to occur in the coming months. Furthermore, civilian material will be sent, such as generators, tents and clothing”. This was stated by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto who, today in Ramstein in Germany, participated in the meeting of the Contact Group for the defense of Ukraine (Ukraine Defense Contact Group).

“Every day is important to resolve the current crisis. We expect an escalation of the war in the coming weeks with an exponential increase in land attacks that will add to the missile attacks brought by Russia in the last period”.

During the meeting, more than 40 countries, from NATO, the European Union and even non-Europeans, discussed the evolution of the ongoing conflict and the new and imminent needs for which the allies have shown firm determination in continuing to support the Ukrainian resistance against Russian aggression. Indeed, all the participants confirmed their full support for the Ukrainian people who are fighting to defend their sovereignty and the democratic values ​​of the West.

“Today the nations that are helping Ukraine met to identify how they can help the armed forces of Kiev to face a probable escalation of the conflict” added Crosetto, reiterating that timely intervention is needed.

To Ramstein Crosetto also reiterated that Italy will continue to do its part and he also confirmed it during the various meetings held on the sidelines of the meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group: with the secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksij Reznikov, and with representatives of other allied and partner countries .

Afterwards, Crosetto greeted the Italian personnel in service at the headquarters of the NATO Allied Air Command (HQ Aircom), to whom he addressed his appreciation. “Thank you because also through your precious work Italy assumes more and more a leading role on the international scene and within the Atlantic alliance, a fundamental pillar of our security”, he said.

Crosetto also wanted to remember the victims of the Frecce Tricolori plane crash which took place on 28 August 1988 in Ramstein. Today’s one in Ramstein is an appointment hosted by the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd James Austin, at the local American air base.