Ukraine, Crosetto: “Upon sending weapons I will always confront Parliament”

Defense Minister: “Conte can be calm”

“Giuseppe Conte says that ‘I mustn’t dare’ to send a new arms without going through Parliament. Conte can be calm, the Ministry, not the Minister (who does not have the institutions or organizations, but represents and serves them ) will follow the laws as it has always done since its establishment in the Republican age “. Thus in a note the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto.

“As regards the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, the Ministry is implementing and will implement the provisions of the 5 decrees already approved on the basis of the authorization given by the previous government, the Draghi government, supported by a majority of which Conte and his party, the 5Stelle, were the main group and support in Parliament. The 5stelle and Conte said yes five times to the five arms shipments to Ukraine that in the past and next months we have sent and will send – adds the minister – Evidently the 5Stelle and Conte have changed their minds today, but only starting today. This ‘radical’ change arrives just in time, to exploit the reasons and the march of pacifist associations which, as I said in an interview yesterday in Avvenire , I respect and understand and with whom I am and I will always be available to speak. With those who, like Conte, instead, seek only to profit from pacifism and the ideals of pacifists, forgetting that tica sending today have been authorized by his party and the government he supported, every dialogue is frankly complex “.

“As far as the future is concerned, however, I can reassure President Conte that the same procedures that he has accepted, approved and endorsed in recent months will be used. Finally, I would like to point out that President Conte’s threatening and intimidating sentence (‘Crosetto does not dare’ ) evidently has a private and authoritarian approach to institutions as a cultural presupposition: I don’t dare to do anything, but I act in the name and on behalf of the State, complying with all its laws. declaration of a state of emergency and the use of the Dpcm, during the pandemic, has developed a wrong idea about the institutions and their power “concludes Crosetto.