Ukraine, EU approves new sanctions package against Russia

The Czech presidency: “Strong EU response to Putin’s illegal annexation of Ukraine’s territories”. The sanctions package includes a price cap on Russian oil

The member countries of the European Union have reached a political agreement for a new package of sanctions against Russia, the eighth since the beginning of the military aggression against Ukraine. This was announced by the Czech presidency on Twitter, speaking of ” a strong EU response to Putin’s illegal annexation of Ukraine’s territories ”. Formally “a written procedure will follow and the sanctions will enter into force after publication in the Official Gazette”, stated on Twitter Edita Hrda, permanent representative of the Czech Republic to the EU.

In the new sanctions packageaccording to diplomatic sources, the price cap for Russian oil is added. The agreement paves the way for a ban on EU transport vessels from transporting Russian oil at prices set above a certain level to countries outside the EU, thus using the price cap to hit the Kremlin’s oil revenues, as previously claimed by the G7.

PUTIN SIGNATURE FORMAL RATIFICATION ANNEXED TERRITORIES WITH REFERENDUM – Russian President Vladimir Putin formally signed the ratification of the four territories of Ukraine annexed through what Kiev and the international community have defined as a ” farce referendum ”, namely in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. This was announced by the Russian news agency Tass. The agency affirms that the borders of the new subjects of the Federation, as is clear from the treaties, will be determined by the borders that “existed on the day of their formation and acceptance in the Russian Federation”. Russian law provides that, until the election of the heads of the new regions, these territories will be headed by interim officials appointed directly by Putin.