Ukraine, “EU training mission operational in two weeks”

Thus the EU High Representative Borrell on the mission based in Poland for 15 thousand Ukrainian soldiers

“Both” meetings of the EU Council today and tomorrow, the Foreign Affairs Council and the Defense Council, will be “focused on Ukraine. Today we are launching the training mission for the Ukrainian army: it will be operational in a couple of weeks”. He says it the High Representative of the EU Josep Borrell, in Brussels on the sidelines of the Foreign Council, where among the various and possible migrants will also be discussed, at the request of Italy. The mission, Borrell recalls, “will be based in Poland and will train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers”.

The withdrawal of the Russian army from Kherson for Borrell “is excellent news. It means that the strategy of militarily supporting Ukraine was right: we must continue to support it, putting pressure on Russia”. “Today we will discuss the amount of military support for Ukraine, which is higher than what some media say. We will put the figures on the table,” he concludes.