Ukraine, European Parliament: yes to sending military jets to Kiev

In a resolution, MEPs ask to “seriously consider” sending fighter planes, helicopters, missile systems and more ammunition

In a resolution approved today by a majority in Strasbourg, the European Parliament asks that it “seriously consider” sending fighter jets, helicopters, missile systems and more ammunition to Ukraine. The resolution was approved with 444 votes in favour, 26 against and 37 abstentions. Euro MPs are calling for aid to be provided to Ukraine “for as long as necessary”.

Among the abstentions there are also the MEPs of the Five Star Movement, including the head of delegation Tiziana Beghin and the former vice president of the Chamber Fabio Massimo Castaldo, who expressed themselves in line with the line of the Movement on sending arms to Ukraine. Green Piernicola Pedicini, former Five Star Movement, also abstained. All the other Green/Ale MEPs, with whom the Cinquestelle have contacts in view of a possible entry into the group, voted in favour, including the former M5S Ignazio Corrao. Among the non-members, Dino Giarrusso, also a former M5S, also voted yes.