Ukraine, Fazolo who ended up on the ‘Putinians’ list: “Moscow will not be the first to use nuclear weapons”

Could Putin, cornered in the face of the Ukrainian offensive, really resort to tactical nuclear weapons? “I think he does not want to precipitate the situation and use the atomic bomb near his home and on a territory where Russia wants to stay”. This was stated by Alberto Fazolo, a journalist whose name in June appeared in an article in Corriere della Sera on the ‘Putinians’ in Italy, commenting to the Adnkronos on the words of Professor Orsini, who warned in Cartabianca that “we are on the road to World War III and Nuclear War “.

Fazolo explains how in reality the possibility of nuclear weapons being used is directly linked to the recent referendums on the annexation of Ukrainian territories to Russia and which have been branded as a “farce” by the Kiev government and the international community. “I state that I am a citizen of Luhansk (one of the regions where the referendum took place, ed) and I would have voted no for ideological reasons, for the way in which the vote took place and, thirdly, for the status of these territories”, says the journalist, according to which “the problem” of the “formally” annexed territories is that now, from the point of view of Moscow, “they are Russian territories and the Russian military doctrine foresees to use every means, therefore also the nuclear weapon” to defend them.

However, Fazolo believes that “Moscow will not be the first to use nuclear weapons”, specifying how the “distinction” between tactical and strategic weapons “changes little substance” since the use in itself of this type of unconventional weapons is one ” red line “not to be exceeded. For the journalist, in any case, with the referendum the Russian establishment has thrown itself into a “dead end”, from which it could escape only by regaining the lost territories.

Fazolo then talks about the cracks that, according to numerous Western media, are weakening the unity of the Kremlin, with news – albeit unconfirmed – of plots to change the military leadership. “Putin has a consensus incomparable to that of any Western leader, but this consensus with the war and the problems that emerged has been eroding, especially among those who do not want to go to the front and those who have perhaps seen their children die – he declares – The Kremlin is one of the most important centers of power in the world and it is physiological that there are clashes of interests. In this context, someone can use war as a tool to impose changes, but in any case Russia’s line will not be shaken “.

On the possibility, finally, that Putin could soon declare war on Ukraine, marking a change of pace with respect to the “current special military operation”, the journalist points out that the Russian leader “in the last 10 years has been remaking what in NATO has made precedence, which has waged wars everywhere without ever declaring them. As for the international consensus, I think no one will be able to object to Putin precisely because of these precedents “.