Ukraine, Federalberghi Sardinia: “around -40 million in turnover due to the absence of Russian tourists on the island”

“The Russians are worth about 30, 40 million euros in Sardinian tourism and this figure will be lacking this year with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. But in addition to the direct damage due to the absence of tourists, there are also indirect damage. The winds of war are a deterrent to travel, in particular to long travels. ”This was stated at Adnkronos by Paolo Manca, president of Federalberghi Sardinia.

“Among other things, in the last few days we have noticed a slight slowdown in bookings but it is premature to link it to the war in Ukraine because the decline began before the tanks moved. – adds Manca – hotels are still going through a very difficult period. for expensive energy and if the climate of geopolitical uncertainty persists this can weigh heavily on the energy consumption of activities like ours that are energy-intensive. We come from 400% increases in energy costs that were only partially offset by the provision of the government that is worth only 20% less than the increases, and it is not enough “.

The president of Federalberghi Sardegna then laments not only the lack of demand that “landed us” but also “the lack of certainty about the rules that even during the covid was a damage equal to the pandemic”. In particular, he argues “there is a climate of great uncertainty related to transport in this period, because we have a Region that has not yet decided how to fly from Rome and Milan from May 14, and therefore if today one wanted to book a ticket he can’t do it for June. “