Ukraine, Fontana: “Beware of sanctions, risk of a boomerang”

The Speaker of the Chamber: “We will be able to yield before them” and then announces “I received a phone call from the Pope on Saturday morning”

On sanctions against Russia “Europe has done well but we must take into account the fact that we are facing a country that is much more used to suffering from an economic point of view than we are and we must be careful because with the counter-sanctions of Russia we will be able to yield before them“. In short” pay attention to the sanctions because if they become a boomerang we will have great difficulties. “Thus the Speaker of the House Lorenzo Fontana, guest at Porta a Porta tonight, warns about the hard line adopted by Europe towards Putin.

Then he proudly announces that he has received a phone call from the Pope after his election. “I was lucky enough to receive this phone call on Saturday morning. It was very nice because he thanked me for this quotation (in the investiture speech to the Chamber) but I was the one to thank him for all the effort he put into us from every point of view. view, is a point of reference for all Catholics and not only Receive a phone call from the Pope it was awesome“.

The new president rejects the accusations of homophobia that have been made against him. “This is absolutely not the case – says Fontana – Precisely because I am a Catholic I could not fail to accept the choices that other people make”. He choices “different from mine, but I have the utmost respect for everyone. Then everything is exploited and a person is painted for what he is not. Sometimes it is done to create the enemy, which is sometimes needed in politics, but I don’t ask people what sexual choice they make. Those who know me rarely say what I unfortunately read on social media or elsewhere. Hating and discriminating is bad for yourself and does no good for anyone. “

But he insists on “problem of denatality it is the suicide of a nation, of a civilization. It is a problem for the whole of Europe, we need to rediscover from an economic point of view how to favor families and from a cultural point of view to understand that a child is good for everyone and creates a better society “.