Ukraine, Foreign Minister: “The priority now is deterrence”

“Currently, as we see a clear lack of constructiveness on the Russian side, the main priority is to effectively implement the global deterrence package to demotivate Russia from further military escalation,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a statement. comment for Adnkronos after the phone call between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin on Tuesday evening devoted largely to the crisis on Ukraine’s borders. “We are working closely with our allies on both sides of the Atlantic to achieve this,” he added.

“We are confident that Putin has heard some very clear and strong signals in the call regarding Russia’s escalation along the Ukrainian border and in the region,” Kuleba stressed. “On several occasions our American partners have already made it clear to Moscow that any further military adventure will come at an extremely high price. We are sure this call was no exception.”

“We appreciate the crucial US diplomatic engagement in efforts to bring Russia back to the negotiating table. Ukraine and the US remain reliable strategic partners and we enjoy a high level of trust. The US side has briefed Ukraine in detail. of the call and its key elements “.

“We are now working on preparing a call between Presidents Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden (set for today, ed) in which leaders will be able to discuss further coordination of Ukraine, the United States and European partners in deterring Russia and revitalize peace talks within the Normandy format. Ukraine is firmly committed to seeking political and diplomatic solutions to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, “concluded Kuleba.