Ukraine, forum on the QoS with the director general of the UN in Geneva

On newsstands today in the Quotidiano di Sicilia

The war in Ukraine is one of the major international topics at the center of the forum that the director of Sicilian newspaperCarlo Alberto Tregua, has created with the director general of the UN in Geneva, Tatiana Valovaya. An exclusive on newsstands today on the QdS.

On the clash that is tormenting Eastern Europe and heavily damaging the Ukrainian population, Valovaya underlined the efforts launched by the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres – from humanitarian support to displaced people and refugees to negotiations to resolve the wheat crisis of the Black Sea – not without highlighting how unfortunately, in the current state, it is extremely difficult to be able to speak of an agreement for peace in the immediate future.

In the long interview, many other topics and a detailed focus on the functioning of the European headquarters of the United Nations, the largest after that of the United States, hosted in New York. To read the entire interview, the appointment is therefore set for today on newsstands with the QdS and, online, on