Ukraine, G7: “Sanctions on countries that provide material support to Russia for war”

Instead, the intention to support Ukraine “including military and defense supplies” has been confirmed

The G7 foreign ministers, in a joint statement at the Munich Security Conference, warned that they will impose sanctions against those countries that provide military support to Russia in the conflict with Ukraine.

“G7 members remain committed to maintaining and escalating sanctions against Russia to limit its war effort and against states providing material support to Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine,” the joint statement read. In this way, the G7 urged “third parties” to stop “providing assistance to the Russian military and its affiliated forces, otherwise they will face severe costs”.

The meeting, which was also attended by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, condemned Russian attacks against civilians and the country’s energy infrastructure, and said “there should be no impunity for war crimes”. Furthermore, G7 members reaffirmed their stance to continue supporting Ukraine, “including the provision of military and defense assistance”.