Ukraine, G7: “We will never recognize borders imposed by Russia”

Foreign ministers in the final statement issued at the end of the meeting in Germany: “Military aid to Kiev for as long as necessary”

The G7 countries “will never recognize the borders” that Russia is trying to forcefully impose on Ukraine. This is what is stated in the final declaration issued at the end of the meeting in Germany of foreign ministers, who also urged Belarus to “stop facilitating” the Russian invasion.

In the final statement, released at the end of the meeting in Germany, it also states that the G7 countries are ready to supply Ukraine with weapons and other military equipment for a long time. “We will pursue our ongoing military and defense assistance to Ukraine for as long as necessary,” G7 members said, stressing that Russia’s attack was not provoked and that Ukraine has a right to self-defense.

Foreign ministers also reaffirm “our determination to further increase the economic and political pressure on Russia, continuing to act united” and call on Russia to end the blockade of grain exports from Ukraine in order to avert a serious humanitarian crisis. .

The Russian invasion, the statement said, has cast shadows on the global economic outlook by causing the prices of food, fuel and energy to soar, with some 43 million people at risk of famine. The increase in the cost of raw materials – underlined the ministers – has also made it more difficult for humanitarian organizations to provide aid to those most in need.

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries have indicated that they will additional sanctions against sectors on which Russia is “dependent”Finally, we read in the declaration, which also exhorts China not to “undermine” international efforts in this direction.

We condemn the threats to Russia’s use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons as irresponsible and we reiterate that any use of these weapons will have serious consequences “, the statement continues.