Ukraine, “GB has supplied long-range missiles to Kiev”. The Moscow replica

Cnn reveals it. The Kremlin’s warning: ‘Russia will respond appropriately’

The United Kingdom has supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow long-range cruise missilesmaking the Kiev arsenal make a qualitative leap in view of the expected counter-offensive. CNN reports, citing several Western sources. Jointly developed by Britain and France, these missiles have stealth capabilities that make them invisible to radars. They are normally launched from aircraft and have a range of up to 250 km, thus capable of striking deep into Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories.

These missiles are “a real breakthrough in terms of range” and offer Kiev a capability that the Ukrainians have been asking for since the beginning of the war, a US military source explained to CNN. Currently the weapons supplied by the US to Kiev have a range of about 78 km. The leap in quality represented by missiles with a range of 250 km is therefore clear, even if the range of almost 300 km of the Atacms surface-to-surface missiles, requested in vain by Kiev from the United States, is not reached.

CNN sources report that London has obtained assurances from Kiev that the Storm Shadows will be used against targets in occupied Ukrainian territory. This means they cannot be launched into Russian territory. But it should also be emphasized that London has repeatedly mentioned Crimea as part of the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

Russia will respond “adequately” to sending long-range missiles to Ukraine, the warning came from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovwho spoke of a “very negative” development: “This will require an adequate response from our military, which, of course, from a military point of view, will take appropriate decisions in this context.”