Ukraine, Gen. Bertolini: “With sending Leopard straight towards war”

The former commander of the IOC: “We are resigning ourselves to entering a conflict that has nothing to do with us”

“From the point of view of the conduct of a foreign policy towards the autonomous East, Germany has now clipped its wings. It has tried to avoid the transfer of the Leopards, partly because it fears a further escalation of the war which would involve it partly due to its location, being in the center of Europe, but above all and directly because they are half German. now, in continental Europe, it is the Poles and, paradoxical as it may seem, the Balts who decide“. General Marco Bertolini, former commander of the IOC, stated this to Adnkronos in relation to Germany’s go-ahead for the sending of Leopard 2 tanks by third countries.

“We too are on the way to war, we have not yet employed personnel but we send weapons, we clearly say that we want one of the two belligerents to be defeated and the other to win. I believe that if in a few months they will ask us, perhaps with the excuse to use means that we have given us and which need particular expertise, or to deal with a particular crisis situation, to also send some of our units we would begin to address the problem – he adds – We are resigning ourselves to entering a war that has nothing to do with us, for issues of a territorial nature between two European countries that are foreign to both NATO and the European Union. But then we wanted to get involved, we wanted to stake everything on the continuation of this war and I’m afraid that if there isn’t some enlightenment towards whoever directs this scary operation, we’ll find ourselves with our hands tied”.