Ukraine: gen. Tricarico, ‘Patriot? Accuracy depends on version, it’s defensive system’

“Putin said that the Patriot system is obsolete: he is right if he refers to the versions of the 80s, which were inaccurate and repeatedly missed the target, then the manufacturer made successive versions until arriving at a very It will be necessary to see which type will be supplied to Ukraine, however it is a purely defensive system to protect against airborne threats, drones, helicopters, aircraft and missiles”. General Leonardo Tricarico, president of the ICSA Foundation (Intelligence culture and strategic analysis) and former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, stated this to Adnkronos on the American decision on new arms supplies to Ukraine.

“These are systems that have a rather limited coverage in terms of territorial protection, they are designed to defend targets such as an airport, an energy creation and distribution center, delimited areas – he continues – They are mobile systems, they can be moved according to the areas to protect”.

“They are perhaps supplied late, but the reason may be that they are expensive vehicles and technologies that the Americans do not want to give up, especially in the most up-to-date versions – he concludes – The important aspect is that numerous precision kits have been supplied, i.e. systems that are built into the drop and drop armaments to make them more accurate.”

ZELENSKY’S MISSION IN USA – Regarding the mission to the US of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, General Tricarico observes: “This visit has disappointed me, it is an event that once again goes against détente and we didn’t need it. The visit served to reassure the Ukrainians and reinforcing the coalition of those who support them, avoiding cracks, but it is not a sign of détente, on the contrary it is in continuity with the increase in tension, so much so that we have seen Putin’s angry reaction”.

“‘Today there is a need for a Biden who does not take it for granted that Putin does not want to negotiate, it may not be the case and indeed it is likely that it will not be the case – he underlines – Putin’s alleged and improbable intentions are hidden in it not to proceed with the negotiation process”. “This war shows that it won’t end because the US doesn’t want it and the contents of this meeting are another testimony to it”, adds General Tricarico.

“It is important that those who can make their voices heard, possibly in chorus, especially Europe, so that a negotiating path can begin to be outlined and also the contents of the negotiations, at least the starting ones – he concludes – I am convinced that the fact that Biden can call Putin to negotiate could remove a large part of the Russian animosity”.