Ukraine, Gen. Tricarico: “Sending Leopard? Signs of voltage increase”

The former former Chief of Staff of the Air Force: “Unfortunately, negotiation does not seem to be the preferred path for those who should instead start a robust initiative”

“Personally, I have always maintained that the way of negotiated must be fought with greater seriousness and commitment than has been done up to now: unfortunately it does not seem that this is the preferred path by those who should instead start a robust initiative for a negotiation and therefore we are always in the ambit of the bet. Certainly these are not signs pointing in the direction of détente but of a further increase in tension to which Russia does not know how it will respond. It is a bet that there is irreversible wear and tear”. General Leonardo told Adnkronos Triloadformer Chief of Staff of the Air Force and current president of the ICSA foundation, regarding Germany’s ok to send Leopard 2 tanks from third countries.

“The strengthening of the Ukrainian forces with high performance combat tanks is certainly a measure that goes in the direction of recovering the territories illegally annexed by Russia. What will probably have to be estimated with particular attention are the times, quantities, training and the maintenance of wagons, areas in which one must move with great professionalism and diligence e Western aid must go full force. If it is true, as it seems, that there will be a push against the wall by the Russiansthis wall will have to be shored up well”.

“It seems that this war is taking place in the context of a bet – he added – that tightening the noose slowly around Putin’s neck could lead to his surrender”.