Ukraine, General Tricarico: “Working on truce, no more arsonists”

The former Chief of Staff of the Air Force: “Instead of talking about extending the conflict to NATO, we need to ensure that this conflict ends and I don’t see anyone’s commitment, on the contrary”

“Neutrality? I disagree without reservation. And I believe that before putting into practice on both sides the threats of an extension of the conflict to NATO, this conflict must be brought to an end. And from this point of view I don’t see anyone’s commitment, on the contrary I see a whole series of arsonists doing exactly the opposite“. General Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force and current president of the ICSA foundation, told Adnkronos about the words of Professor Alessandro Orsini according to which Italy should remain neutral if Russia were to strike a country of NATO.

“First of all our country should do everything, and I am not aware that it is doing it, so that the conflict can cease. When I say doing everything it means to agree with other European countries, in particular France and Germany, a common position towards the Warmongering countries, led by the United States so that stop itso that they promote a truce and negotiations, on pain of disruption in relations with the USA “.

“And if art. 5 of the Atlantic treaty should be triggered on the basis of which Atlantic solidarity will be activated, then it will be possible to discuss in accordance with the founding concepts of NATO, which provide for voluntariness in all respects, and at that point Italy will be able to say whether he wants to be in solidarity or stay at the window – concluded Tricarico – And he will be able to do so after a wide debate at the level of public opinion and also at the institutional level. A decision that is not simple, one that cannot be taken on instinct “.