Ukraine, here are the long-range GB missiles: what are the Storm Shadows

The arsenal of Kiev is enriched with a new, powerful weapon

Ukraine’s arsenal is being enriched with a powerful new weapon. These are the Storm Shadow long-range missiles sent by the United Kingdom to Kiev. A real turning point for the country at war with Russia, especially in view of the announced counter-offensive. As CNN explains, the missiles are developed jointly by Great Britain and France and have stealth capabilities that make them invisible to radars. They are normally launched from aircraft and have a range of up to 250 km, thus capable of striking deep into Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories.

These missiles are “a real breakthrough in terms of range” and offer Kiev a capability that the Ukrainians have been asking for since the beginning of the war, a US military source explained to CNN. Currently the weapons supplied by the US to Kiev have a range of about 78 km. The leap in quality represented by missiles with a range of 250 km is therefore clear, even if the range of almost 300 km of the Atacms surface-to-surface missiles, requested in vain by Kiev from the United States, is not reached.

The Storm Shadows, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace remarked, are “long-range missiles, for conventional use only, with the ability to strike with precision. The donation of these defense systems – he said – gives Ukraine the better chance to defend itself against continued Russian brutality, especially the deliberate targeting of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, in violation of international law”.