Ukraine, “imminent pro-Russian hacker attack in Italy”

Killnet’s threats on Telegram: “We will make an irreparable blow”. The alarm of the national cybersecurity agency: “In the crosshairs of institutions and organizations”

Possible imminent attacks by pro-Russian hackers in Italy. New alarm from the national cybersecurity agency that speaks of threats in particular for “national bodies and organizations“both public and private that” provide a service of public utility or whose image is identified with our country “.

The alert, after the latest attacks “of Russian origin and DDoS attacks which occurred between 11 and 21 May”. It is therefore recommended to follow what is suggested by the cybersecurity structure as an intervention on the points of vulnerability and “maintain a careful control of IT infrastructures around the clock“to identify possible” anomalies and promptly notify them “.

Between yesterday and today, several messages spread on Telegram by the pro-Russian collective Killnet announced for tomorrow morning another hostile action against Italian infrastructures: in particular, at 5 am tomorrow morning, May 30th announces the “meeting point – Italy!”. In another message, the hacker group manifests its intention to settle “an irreparable blow in Italy due to the war with Anonymous“.