Ukraine, important air assets Russia but what results? Point of war

According to British intelligence, Moscow, despite its commitment to support land operations, is unable to obtain satisfactory operational results

Russia continues to commit important air resources in support of ground operations, without however being able to obtain satisfactory operational results. This is what British intelligence reports in its latest report on the situation in Ukraine, disclosed by the Ministry of Defense in London. “The Russian Air Force continues to deploy considerable assets steadily in support of ground operations, but without decisive operational effects. During the summer, Russian tactical fighter aircraft typically flew over 100 sorties per day, but these are almost always been reduced to operating on Russian-controlled territory due to the threat posed by Ukrainian air defences”.

“Russia has attempted to solve the problem by increasingly using glide bombs with longer ranges. Aircraft can deliver these bombs many kilometers from their targets, but this system has not yet demonstrated effective accuracy,” he continues. .

If moreover – he concludes – “at the beginning of the southern counter-offensive of Ukraine in June, Russian attack helicopters proved effective, in recent weeks Russia seems to have been less able to generate effective tactical air power in the south “.