Ukraine, Italians in Crimea: “Worried but let’s not go away”

“It’s not a war between an angel and a devil”

“Of course we are worried, not only we Italians, and we all want peace”. Italian sources in Crimea say this to Adnkronos, where this morning an explosion affected an ammunition depot inside a Russian military base. The Kiev authorities have neither denied nor confirmed the attack on the peninsula since 2014 annexed to Russia.

“All Italians are far from the place where the explosion occurred”, the sources assure, according to which today “no more than 300 people of Italian origin live in the peninsula, but also some Italian citizens with their families” and all of them ” as far as we know, they do not plan to leave Crimea “despite the risk of an escalation.

But is Crimea a safe place today? “Is there a place that can be said to be safe in the world? I don’t think so – the sources reply – There is, for example, the risk of terrorism. Recently at the kindergarten attended by my granddaughter there was a bomb scare, but this also happens in other states. We are used to living in a situation that is not very peaceful “.

According to sources, the solution to the crisis passes through peace talks. “Ukraine should first of all stop bombing civilians and children and agree to negotiate. This is not a war between an angel and a devil”, they declare, accusing Europe and Italy of “sending weapons instead of build shelters for civilians in the Donbass and send humanitarian aid such as drinking water and diapers “.

The armed forces of Kiev, continue the sources, always referring to the situation in the region of eastern Ukraine, “for eight years they fired at their compatriots, bombing the Donbass and not keeping the agreements stipulated. Many people died and many Italians who lived there. they had to leave Mariuol. What you see in Italy and Europe is not the whole truth “.

The sources believe the referendum is an appropriate tool to decide the fate of the Donbass. “As happened in Crimea – they explain – an honest and legitimate referendum was voted in, monitored by observers including Italians. Negotiations must be made and an agreement signed, taking into consideration the will of the inhabitants”.