Ukraine, just mobilized already dead: first news of fallen Russians

In the Moscow Times the stories of men recalled and dead to the front after being sent to fight with little or no training

Partial mobilization in Russia was announced on 21 September and news of the first conscripts dead at the front is already arriving, underlining how they were sent to fight with little or no training. The Moscow Times writes it, which tells the stories of men like Andrey Nikiforov, a St. Petersburg lawyer who was recalled on September 25 and died on October 7 in the fighting near the occupied Ukrainian city of Lysychansk.

Local media in Krasnoyarsk today report the deaths of three men from this Siberian region, aged 32, 40 and 42. They fell in Ukraine on October 8, ten days after being mobilized. In the Chelyabinsk Ural Mountains region, the authorities confirmed the death of five newly mobilized men from the Korkino district. The news caused anger on social media because it highlights how they have been sent to the fray, without training. And there is much anguish among the soldiers’ relatives, because the names of the five deceased have not been disclosed.

The Meduza website reports on the death of Aleksey Martynov, head of a department in the Moscow governorate. According to Natalya Loseva, deputy editorial director of the Rt channel, a broadcaster linked to the Kremlin, Martynov was 28 years old and had been mobilized on 23 September. “He had no combat experience. He was sent to the front in a few days,” Loseva wrote on Telegram. The fear of many Russian families is that their loved ones will be used as cannon fodder and that the deaths among those who have been mobilized are many more. According to the daily bulletin of the Ukrainian armed forces, 64,300 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion, 500 of them yesterday alone.