Ukraine, Kadyrov: “The West has few weapons to defeat Russia”

For the Chechen leader “our enemies lack the resources” to win the war

The weapons, supplied by Western countries to Ukraine, they will not be enough to defeat Russia. This is the belief expressed by the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov, whose men fight alongside the Russian military against the Ukrainian forces: “There is no doubt that our enemies do not have the resources that could become the reason for Russia’s defeat in the special military operation”.

According to the Chechen leader, quoted by the Tass agency, the Russian army “is doing its job successfully, despite the difficulties”, Moscow’s forces are currently capable of repelling up to twenty Ukrainian offensives a day. “Thanks to the heroism and dedication of Russian fighters, they successfully counterattack,” Kadyrov said, concluding: “Until Russia’s victory, until justice triumphs.”