Ukraine, Kiev against the Ft: “You are investigating Russia’s disinformation”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has asked the British newspaper to review some contents

Kiev against the Financial Times. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has asked the British newspaper to review content that could serve Russian “disinformation”. and an “editorial investigation” into some of the reports that have appeared since the start of the invasion. In particular, the object of criticism was an article published by the FT on 6 February with the title “Moldavia’s prime minister asks for more EU aid to curb arms smuggling from Ukraine”. Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko argues that the words attributed to the then Moldovan prime minister, Natalia Gavrilita, do not match the headline and that the news it does not provide any evidence of the alleged increase in arms smugglingwhile arms supplies from Kiev’s partners continue.

“Moreover, we have not received any confirmed information or specific facts from the Moldovan side about arms smuggling from Ukraine,” Nikolenko protested on his Facebook profile, calling the article “yet another piece of disinformation aimed at discrediting the military aid sent to Ukraine”. “Russia is investing a lot of resources to prevent the supply of weapons to our country in the context of its new offensive,” said Nikolenko, who believes the British newspaper article could lead the public to believe that the delivered weapons could be turned against them “falling into criminal hands”.

The spokesman’s criticisms do not end there, because he directly accuses the author of the article, without mentioning him, ‘guilty’ of having written similar articles in which he “manipulates” the issue of arms smuggling. “We demand that the Financial Times immediately carry out an editorial investigation into the circumstances of the appearance of material that clearly appears to be disinformation in the interest of Russia,” Nikolenko asked.