Ukraine, Kiev: Azov regiment advances to Bakhmut

Defeated two companies of the 72nd brigade of the Russian Federation

The Azov Regiment of the Ukrainian Army is advancing to Bakhmut, the city in eastern Ukraine under siege for months. This was reported by the public broadcaster Suspilne quoting the commander of Azov, according to whom ”in Bakhmut the fighters of the third brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces advanced by 2.6 kilometers during the assault on Russian positions in the last two days and defeated two companies of the 72nd brigade of the Russian Federation”.

Kiev forces will create new mobile air defense groups. This was stated by Serhii Nayev, commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “We are trying to find more effective ways to counter Russian air threats,” Nayev added. The commander specified that “a new batch of vehicles for the creation of mobile anti-aircraft fire groups will be delivered to the military. These groups will protect the skies over Kiev, as well as the airspace over other populated areas in the north and north-west of ‘Ukraine”.

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), theRussia could attempt to launch an “almost daily” series of missile attacksi against Ukraine to try to hinder the imminent counter-offensive. But the attacks “probably do not significantly limit Ukrainian actions”. Analysts at the US think tank note, in their daily war update, that Russia continues to launch smaller-scale missile attacks compared to its autumn-winter campaign against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, when Russian forces used to launch up to 100 missiles in one shot.

“I saw no war weariness, but an almost irrepressible will not only to end this conflict, but also to win it,” said Carsten Breuer, head of the German armed forces, returning from a visit to Ukraine. “The conditions for a full-scale offensive have not been met in recent weeks,” he explained. “However, it’s become clear to me in all the discussions I’ve had that planning for the Ukrainian offensive is underway“.

Meanwhile “An enemy drone” was shot down in the Kursk region of Russia, on the border with Ukraine, by the Moscow Air Defense Forces. The regional governor, Roman Starovoyt, wrote on Telegram stating that ”debris fell on the village of Tolmachevo. No one was injured”, but a gas pipeline and a house were damaged.

A military training camp in the Voronezh region of Russia was also attacked with two drones: 14 servicemen were injured. “Two UAVs filled with explosives flew to the site for military exercises and exploded. At least 14 servicemen were injured. According to preliminary data, there are no deaths,” reads the message of the Telegram channel Baza.