Ukraine, Kiev denies presence of NATO special forces

Defense Minister Reznikov calls the information in the leaked Pentagon documents “false”.

“It is not true that NATO special forces are present in Ukraine”. This was stated during a press conference in Madrid by the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, regarding the information contained in the confidential Pentagon documents leaked in recent days. “The only exception are military attachés of foreign embassies,” Reznikov added. Even the Spanish minister denied the presence of NATO forces in Ukraine, defining the news “totally false”.

Responding to a question about the importance of the release of top-secret documents, Reznikov stressed that they contain “a mix of true and false information” and any classified information, even true, is now no longer “relevant” to the outcome of the war.

The minister also specified that the leak is intended to benefit Russia and its allies, adding that he is confident that the United States will work to “neutralize this leak and avoid it in the future”. Ukraine has “full confidence in our American allies” despite the leak, he said.