Ukraine, Kiev invites Meloni: “Visit would be significant”

Yermak to Urso: “We would like Italy to guarantee our safety”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited the next Italian prime minister to Kiev. This was announced by Andriy Yermak, head of the President’s Office, who had an interview with Senator Adolfo Urso, president of Copasir, adding that “it would be very significant if this were one of Ms. Meloni’s first visits abroad as Prime Minister” .

“We would be happy if Italy became one of the guarantors of security for Ukraine,” said Yermak in a telephone conversation with Senator Urso. As reported by the Ukrainian presidency website, Yermak congratulated Brothers of Italy and its leader Giorgia Meloni on winning the September 25 elections and expressed hope that the next Italian government will maintain a position of support for Ukraine. “This support is very important to us,” said Yermak, as “it will help bring our victory closer”.

The head of the President’s Office then underlined the importance of “consolidating the efforts of the world community and of our partners to counter” the scenario opened by Moscow’s annexation of 4 Ukrainian provinces after a farce-based vote. Hoping for a “harsh reaction” to this move by the Kremlin, Yermak also discussed with Urso the need to establish a high-level dialogue.