Ukraine, Kiev prepares war anniversary Russia: measures

In view of potential large-scale attacks

Distance learning and work from home, for those who can. So Ukraine is preparing to face the anniversary of the invasion launched by Russia with a series of precautionary measures that go hand in hand with an increase in security measures in view of potential large-scale attacks.

Kiev’s Education Minister Serhiy Shkarlet explained that the lessons were moved online ”as a precautionary measure”. In the capital and the Kyiv region, a special security protocol was implemented for all educational institutions from February 22 to 24, ordered by the regional military administration. The decision was made “because of the enemy’s increased threat to bomb and potentially carry out provocative actions on the anniversary of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine”.

Additional security measures have been implemented in the Kherson region of northeastern Ukraine, the military administration said. Most government and non-government employees are working remotely, with the exception of those working in critical infrastructure. The distribution of humanitarian aid and cash payments at post offices will also be limited, while security personnel will increase their presence in areas where crowding is expected.