Ukraine, “Kiev ready for counter-offensive, but it is difficult to keep soldiers motivated”

The New York Times: “The hard test will be to recover the losses. War-weary troops”

“Thanks to Western weapons and newly created shock units, Ukraine is ready for a decisive spring counter-offensive, but the severe test will be to recover losses and maintain the motivation of war-weary troops.” The New York Times writes it, according to which “Ukraine’s success in the battles in the southeast would demonstrate to the world the decline of the military power of the Russian Federation, reduce worries that the war has entered the swamp and, most likely, encourage the allies of Ukraine to further arm and finance Kiev”.

“Ukrainian officers – adds the American newspaper – will have to organize attacks by artillery, infantry and armored vehicles to break through Russian trenches, overcome tank traps and minefields. In the south, Russian units are building defensive positions after being expelled from Kherson region in November. Modern Western tanks, which have better resistance to firepower, will be crucial in the elimination of these positions”.