Ukraine, Kiev: “Russia does not send more soldiers”

“A large number of volunteers categorically refuse to serve in combat”

The military command of Russia has stopped sending new units of soldiers to Ukraine after the successes of the Kiev counter-offensive in the Karkhiv region. This was stated by the Ukrainian general staff on its Facebook page, according to reports from the Guardian.

According to the Kiev general staff, “due to the current situation on the theater of operations and the distrust of the commanders, a large number of volunteers categorically refuse to serve in combat”. The Russian soldiers, it says, do not want to fight in the face of news about the death toll and the treatment of the wounded, often sent back to fight without a period of rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities claim to have regained control of Ternova, a village near the Russian border. The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, posted on social media a video of the 14th mechanized brigade in which a Ukrainian flag is seen waving over a transmission tower in Ternova, Kyiv Independent reports.

Ukrainian units were reported to have arrived in Svyatohirsk, a city in Donetsk oblast. Geo-located images and videos show soldiers crossing the Siverskiy Donets River and taking control of the city, CNN reports. There are images of the Ukrainian flag flying over administrative buildings in the city and of Kiev soldiers in the streets.

Ukrainska Pravda also cites military sources that Ukrainian forces have entered Svyatohirsk. According to CNN, the capture of the city is very important because it complicates the Russian retreat attempts. Some units of the militia of the self-proclaimed separatist republic of Donetsk continue to defend the city of Lyman, but it will soon be difficult for them to retreat to the east if the Ukrainian advance continues.