Ukraine, Kiev: “Russia prepares attack from east and north”

Ukrainian intelligence: “In the next 4-5 months the Russians could lose another 70,000 men”

Russia intends to continue the war against Ukraine with offensive operations, it could attack from the east or north. The assessment, reported by Ukrainska Pravda, is by Andrii Cherniak, of the Ukrainian military intelligence, according to which in the next 4-5 months the Russians could lose another 70,000 men.

“According to Ukrainian military intelligence estimates, the Russians will continue to conduct offensive operations this year. They have failed to achieve their objectives on any front. They understand that they are losing, but they do not plan to end the war. Let us consider the possibility whether they can attack from the north or the east,” says Cherniak. In addition, the Russians will try to maintain control of the land corridor up to the Crimea and to conquer all of Donetsk oblast.

Cherniak says he is sure that the Ukrainians will be able to repel the Russian offensives. Who, he stresses, will not be able to return to the west bank of the Dnipro River to recapture Kherson. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, the Russians could lose another 70,000 men in the next 4-5 months, but their leadership appears ready to suffer such high losses. According to Ukrainian estimates, 108,190 Russian soldiers have already died since the February 24 invasion.

IRANIAN DRONES – “In two days since the beginning of the year we have shot down 84 drones. 100% of enemy drones have been shot down by air defense. We have never achieved such results. Drones shot down since September are already approaching the figure of half a thousand” Air Force spokesman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat said, adding that Russia may replenish its stockpile of Iranian drones, but, according to intelligence sources, it has already used half of a batch of 250 drones it has received. lately.