Ukraine, Kiev: “We will not use long-range missiles against Russia”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov: “We will only hit Russian units on Ukrainian territory. Moscow is preparing an offensive for February 24 but we will resist”

L’Ukraine will not use the long-range missiles it will receive from Western allies to strike Russian territory. This was reiterated during a press conference in Kiev by Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov. “We always officially tell our partners that we will not use weapons supplied by foreign partners to fire on Russian territory,” Reznikov said. “We will only fire on Russian units on temporarily occupied Ukrainian territory.”

Reznikov also said that Western hesitation to send more fighter jets to Ukraine ”will cost lives”. ”I’m sure we’ll win this war, I’m sure we’ll free all the occupied territories”, but failure to deliver western jets ”will cost more lives”.

Reznikov then announced that France will send modern Ground Master 200 radars to Ukraine capable of ”identifying fast-moving targets at any height”. “We have positive developments. A contract was concluded in Paris with a French company for the supply of a modern Ground Master 200 radar,” said the minister.

Ukraine expects Russia to launch a new strong offensive in the country by the end of the month, explained the defense minister, adding that Kiev has the necessary forces to contain the Russian advance even if not all the aid has arrived yet military promised by the West.

The new offensive, added the Ukrainian minister, would also have a symbolic meaning for Moscow, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the conflict that began last February 24th. According to Reznikov, however, Moscow does not have adequate military resources.

The Ukrainian defense minister also spoke of press reports that he could be removed in the next few hours. ”No one keeps the chair forever. Nobody” he said. And he added: ”I will do what the head of state tells me to do” Volodymyr Zelensky. According to Ukrainska Pravda, Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence, would be appointed in his place.

An anonymous source confirmed to the Kyiv Independent that Reznikov is very likely to be replaced soon. Reznikov could be given a new job, perhaps as Minister of Justice. And that’s because “nobody in the presidential office has any doubts” that Reznikov should stay in government, Ukrainska Pravda added.