Ukraine, Kremlin: “Kiev will never reconquer Crimea”

Peskov: “Zelensky’s request for ‘alienation’ out of the question”

Russia sees Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statement about Kiev’s desire to recapture Crimea “by non-military means” as a discussion of the alienation of Russian territories, which is out of the question. Thus the Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“For us, this is nothing more than a discussion of the alienation of a territory from Russia. There can be nothing more to understand. And this is out of the question,” Peskov added. “Such speculations once again indicate the unpreparedness, unwillingness and inability of the Ukrainian side to be ready to solve the problem by non-military methods,” Peskov added.

Yesterday Zelensky, after reiterating his goal of liberating the entire Ukrainian territory from Russian occupiers, said that the liberation of all of Ukraine also included Crimea, occupied by the Russians in 2014. “I understand that everyone is confused by the situation and on what will happen in Crimea. If someone offers us a way to de-occupy Crimea without military means, I can only be in favor – he said – but if the solution is without de-occupation with (Crimea) part of the Russian federation , then nobody wastes time”.

Meanwhile, air defense has been activated in northern Crimea, the administrator of the city of Armiansk, Vasily Telizhenko, was quoted by the Tass news agency. City residents had reported the sound of explosions from a distance. However, the authorities, he said, do not plan to evacuate the city. Authorities have started building trenches around Armiansk in northern Crimea.