Ukraine, Kuleba: “Weapons are not enough”. And London is thinking of sending tanks

Ukraine’s foreign minister calls for more military aid

“Ukraine is grateful to partners for their military aid, but we should remain honest with each other: no one will have done enough as long as Russian boots remain on Ukrainian soil.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba calls for more and more aid in the war against Russia. “Arming our country for victory is the shortest way to restore peace and security in Europe and elsewhere,” he wrote on Twitter.

The minister’s words come as the West mobilizes for a further aid package. A few days ago, the United States decided to send a new package worth almost 3 billion dollars. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken disclosed $2.85 billion in supplies including “Bradley tanks, artillery systems, soldier carriers, surface-to-air missiles” for use in defensive systems,” munitions and other items to assist Ukraine in valiantly defending its people, sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

Like the US, Germany has announced it will supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers, the first Western-designed infantry fighting vehicles Kiev will receive. France sends reconnaissance vehicles, described as “light tanks”.

And, in the last few hours, the United Kingdom is considering supplying combat tanks to Kiev for the first time. According to a Western source quoted by Sky News, the supply of a certain number of Challenger 2 tanks has been discussed “for some weeks now”. No final decision has yet been made in this regard. According to sources quoted by SkyNews, the United Kingdom could deliver 10 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine.