Ukraine, Lavrov to the UN: “Dangerous limit, like in the Cold War”

The Russian Foreign Minister attacks the US and the West during a meeting of the Security Council. Guterres: “Invasion causes devastation and suffering”

Sergei Lavrov returns to defend the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to accuse the West of “hegemony” and affirms that “as during the Cold War, we have reached a dangerous limit, perhaps more dangerous”. The “Ukrainian question” cannot be seen in isolation from geopolitical developments that have seen NATO threaten Russia’s security in the region for years, the Russian foreign minister argued at a UN Security Council meeting in New York presided over by himself.

“It is about understanding how international relations will continue to be defined through the creation of a solid consensus based on a balance of interests or through aggressive and unpredictable advances of Washington hegemony,” he said.

As for the United States, they have embarked on a path of “destroying globalization, which for many years they have hailed as the supreme good of all humanity,” said Lavrov, who defended the war in Ukraine and spared no accusations against the West and to the USA, which according to the Russian Foreign Minister have been hypocritical in applying their standards in different situations around the world. Lavrov also accused the International Monetary Fund of having “been transformed” into a body working to “achieve the objectives of the US and its allies, including those of a military nature”.

In his response to Lavrov’s remarks, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “is causing enormous suffering and devastation to the country and its people” and is fueling “the global economic shock caused by the Covid pandemic”. “Tensions between the great powers are at an all-time high. As are the risks of conflict, due to mishap or miscalculation”.