Ukraine, Lincei: “Tactical or strategic, nuclear weapons put humanity at risk”

The Working Group for International Security and Arms Control (SICA) of the Accademia dei Lincei: “Despite the reassuring denomination, ‘tactical’ weapons have an explosive power comparable or superior to that of the bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki” . Appeal to scientists, including Russians: “Report the real risks of these bombs”

“Despite the soothing denomination, the ‘tactical’ weapons now available in huge numbers each have an explosive power comparable to, and in many cases superior to, that of the only two bombs used throughout history, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which have caused hundreds thousands of immediate deaths and more sick survivors as a result of nuclear radiation. ” It is the complaint of working group for International Security and Arms Control (SICA) of the Accademia dei Linceicontained in a statement shared by the president of the Accademia dei Lincei Roberto Antonelli and by the vice president Giorgio Parisi.

“A recognized function of the current nuclear arsenals – explain the academics – is to dissuade opponents equipped with such weapons from using them, through the threat of catastrophic retaliation. It is the Mutual Guaranteed Destruction that marked the years of the Cold War. use of ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons has been aired in the context of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine by leaders of the aggressor country, to stop a conflict that now seems to be turning against them. However, the mere mention of the possible use of nuclear weapons ‘tactics’ is dangerous and raises highly disturbing scenarios. ”

The use of ‘strategic’ nuclear weapons, available in large numbers to major nuclear powers, “could lead to the cancellation of the entire human species from planet Earth. This justifies the claim that a nuclear war cannot be won and therefore must not be won. to have begun, as declared jointly years ago by M. Gorbachev and R. Reagan, the presidents of the two countries with the largest nuclear arsenals, the USSR and the USA “.

Any use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine would create a disastrous situation endangering the whole world. Nations possessing nuclear weapons involved (directly or indirectly) in the conflict should also avoid mentioning a possible use of nuclear weapons, in order not to create disastrous effects of habituation of public opinion – the academics continue in their complaint – It is also possible that the even limited use of tactical devices leads, after a series of escalations, to an all-out war fought with strategic weapons. On the contrary, every effort must be put in place in the civilized world to arrive at a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution of the reasons that underlie the conflict itself “.

The appeal to the scientists of the countries involved

“We appeal to the scientists of the countries directly or indirectly involved, in particular to the intellectual community that participated in the Amaldi Conferences organized by our Academy, including Russian scientists, to intervene to denounce to public opinion the real risks associated with the use of tactical nuclear weapons and ask their governments to explicitly commit to the no first use of nuclear weapons – is the appeal of the Sica academics – At the same time, we ask that global negotiations relating to nuclear disarmament, involving all nuclear powers, be resumed immediately “.

“In writing these notes, we wondered if raising the issue of the dangers of using tactical nuclear weapons was not an implicit suggestion to give in to the ongoing nuclear blackmail. We are convinced not. We think – the academics underline – that the response to the nuclear threat is an exclusive prerogative of governments which, however, on the basis of correct information on the related risks, will be able to intervene in the most effective way. In the Einstein-Russell Manifesto of 1955, in the face of the development of thermonuclear weapons, eleven internationally renowned scientists asked governments to give up war to avert the danger of a nuclear holocaust. As then, we need to think about our humanity, leaving aside the rest. Remember your humanity and forget the rest “.

The declaration was prepared by the Sica dei Lincei Commission, composed of D. Archibugi, F. Calogero, P. Cotta-Ramusino, F. Lenci, G. Losurdo, L. Maiani, E. Pellecchia, A. Pascolini, A. Quadrio -Curzio, C. Schaerf. The president of the Accademia dei Lincei Roberto Antonelli and the vice president Giorgio Parisi endorse the declarations of the Sica Commission and hope “that dialogue, reasonableness and law will prevail again in relations between states, in the interest of humanity”.