Ukraine, Lovisolo: “Militiamen recruited by Russia? Putin cannot increase contingent”

“In all the uncomfortable scenarios in which Russia intervenes, how Turkey uses these subjects generally well disposed to use the worst violence and who can be framed in various ways or in private militias or recruited in the style of Garibaldi and inserted in these combat scenarios that they allow Russia to intervene without however mobilizing the state army with the consequences that this can entail “. Thus to Adnkronos Luca Lovisolo, independent researcher in law and international relations and author of the book ‘Russia’s project on us’ (Archomai edizioni), explains Moscow’s decision to recruit thousands of militiamen to fight against Ukraine.

“The Russian government is in a pincer”, says the expert, recalling that “Putin had said in recent days that the conscripts would not be involved in what he hypocritically calls ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine” while in reality “the Russian command itself admitted that some conscripts were involved”.

But currently Russia “has a shortage of men who – underlines Lovisolo – are on the Ukrainian scene without supplies and in numerical difficulty because the theater has expanded greatly and the intervention times have lengthened a lot” therefore “the soldiers deployed on Ukrainian territory do not they are sufficient to conclude the operation according to the plans of the Russian command and in some way must make up for this lack of forces on the ground “. But if Putin “calls the reservists”, observes the scholar, the population “at that point would understand that there is no cheap military surgical operation at stake but there is a war, and Putin should therefore contradict what he has. said “until now.

“The Ukrainian resistance is working, if the torment of the population is to be stopped, Russia must stop attacking, it is not the attacked who must surrender by accepting the law of the strongest. Ukraine must be supported in this effort, for how daring it may seem conceptually, but in this moment if we want to reach peace we must support the attacked party also in a concrete way, militarily “, he adds.

“The speech of the Ukrainian defense is not only to be understood in a military sense – explains the expert – Putin has seriously underestimated the attachment of the Ukrainians to their land. Putin believes that Ukraine is not a nation, it has no right to have this country. dignity and that it only became a state in 1922 when from an autonomous country it joined the Soviet Union accepting the promises of Lenin who guaranteed Ukraine a certain linguistic and cultural autonomy. But it is realizing that this is not the case because Ukraine – Lovisolo remembers – as culture and country it appeared on the geographical maps of Europe a few centuries before Russia “.

“The citizens of Ukraine at this moment, beyond their military and technical inferiority, are fighting with a very high morale for this reason”. While “on the other side – he highlights – there is a Russian army made up of young boys who have not even been explained what they were going to do. All of them, when they are interviewed once captured by the Ukrainians, report having learned from their superiors that it would have been a couple of days in Ukraine for a lightning-free operation. They ask for food because their supplies are not arriving and they want to go home because they don’t understand what they are doing there. “

“Ukraine has to its advantage this enormous moral charge of the population which is also expressed in the territorial defense formed by ordinary people who – highlights Lovisolo – do not at all correspond to the portrait of neo-Nazis that the Russians make of them. They are very normal people who have secured their children and attended rapid combat courses when Putin began to amass troops at the borders and today they are on the street defending their country as best they can. And this – says the scholar – recalls a scenario we saw in Afghanistan and I take the liberty of observing that the Ukrainian scenario, unless something really upsetting happens in the next few days, for Russia looks more and more like an Afghan scenario where, like Brezhnev then, Putin underestimated the ability of a population to defend itself in strength of their attachment to their country and culture “.