Ukraine, Lukashenko sees Shoigu: “Special operation continues”

The meeting between the Belarusian president and the Russian defense minister in Minsk

Belarusian President Alexsandr Lukashenko today received Russian Defense Minister Segei Shoigu in Minsk and it was said of course that
The Russian “special operation” in Ukraine will continue because on the side of Kiev there is no willingness to negotiate
. This is what the official Belarusian press agency BeLta writes.

“If they want our region to live peacefully, regardless of those overseas, both Russia and Belarus are ready,” Lukashenko said, ostensibly referring to Ukraine and the United States. “If they want to fight to the last Ukrainian, the last Pole and the last mercenary, well it is their right. However – continued the Belarusian president – neither we nor our special services see that they are ready for full negotiations and a reasonable agreement. It is our opinion that they want to continue the war. Well then the special operation will not stop”.