Ukraine, Macron: “France will not go to war against Russia”

Paris is trying to “avoid any escalation of the Ukrainian conflict”

France “excludes the possibility of direct participation in the war of Ukraine against Russia’s aggression”. This was stated by President Emmanuel Macron at the annual conference of ambassadors, adding that Paris is trying to “avoid any escalation of the Ukrainian conflict”.

At the same time, the French president noted that “the European Union provides maximum assistance to Ukraine in the humanitarian and economic spheres, as well as in the matter of arms supply.” Macron also stressed that “Russia should not win this war under any circumstances”.

Macron said the EU should “perhaps” evolve towards a “multi-speed” union in view of the integration of Ukraine, Moldova and Western Balkan countries. The head of the Elysée reiterated that the European Union must reform itself if it wants to integrate new nations and must create consensus with more than 30 member countries.

“The risk is thinking of being able to expand without reforms – explained Macron – I can testify that it is already difficult enough for Europe to advance on delicate issues with 27 members. With 32 or 35 members it will not be easier”.