Ukraine, Macron: “Missiles, radar and anti-aircraft systems in Kiev”

“Putin must stop this war and return to the negotiating table”

France will send more weapons to Ukraine in the war against Russia. This was announced by the French president Emmanuel Macron in an interview with France 2, after having assured that he “does not want a world war”.

“We have delivered the famous Caesar guns since the beginning of the war, and the Ukrainians thanked us. We will continue – he said – We are working on the delivery of another six Caesar guns”. Macron also spoke about the supply of other missiles, anti-aircraft systems and radar.

“We cannot deliver everything the Ukrainians ask for, because we have to keep some to protect our eastern flank – he later stressed – We are protecting our national territory. In the first few days, we sent soldiers and equipment to Romania. We are strengthening our presence “.

“Vladimir Putin must stop this war and return to the negotiating table”, he added and, answering the question of whether Russia is a terrorist state, he said: “I don’t want to go into this kind of definition. Russia is today a state that has decided to go to war and has violated the integrity of Ukraine“The president then denounced the” war crimes “committed by Russia:” We have sent judges, and it is international justice that must decide “.

“Our doctrine is to avoid any escalation of the conflict”, he said on the risk of a nuclear ‘Armageddon’ feared by Joe Biden, president of the United States, and on the response to be given to a possible Russian nuclear attack. “I’ve always told the truth to the French. Russia has nuclear weapons. The same goes for France. Our doctrine is clear about it. Deterrence works, but the less we talk about it, the more credible we are,” Macron said. an attack with a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine should not provoke a nuclear response from France. “When you try to build peace, you have to talk. Whenever necessary, I will speak with Vladimir Putin. I hope that all the parties involved will come to the negotiating table as soon as possible “.