Ukraine, Macron to Putin: “I haven’t changed my number, if he has peace proposals, France is there”

“France will always be a power that helps and that will not spare its efforts to obtain a result.” Then on Orban: “Behave like a European”

“I I haven’t changed my number. If President Vladimir Putin has serious proposalsthe desire to resume a dialogue” on Ukraine “that will allow us to build a peace respectful of international law, France will always be a power that helps and that it will not spare its efforts to obtain a result”. This was said by French President Emmanuel Macron, responding, at a press conference in Brussels, to the accusation launched by Putin against France of having “broken relations” with Moscow. France, continues, in that case he will not hold back, “as we did, moreover, during all the years preceding the conflict, and as I did for several weeks, or even several months, after the outbreak of the war in February” of 2022.


To those who ask him what he thinks of the statements of the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, who noted that Budapest will have numerous other opportunities to block Ukraine’s accession process to the EU, Macron replies that Orban “was listened to, he asked for a debate strategic: we did it, it was respected. This respect implies responsibility: therefore I expect Viktor Orban in the coming months”, given that there are “legitimate interests” but also “duties”, to behave “like a European”.

Macron explains how the EU accession talks for Ukraine were given the green light. “With President Charles Michel, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and several other leaders”, we made sure to hold a debate in the European Council in which the Hungarian Prime Minister “was respected – he reiterates – In the end we came together to propose the solution that he himself had suggested“. “I invite you to read – he continues – what he himself had said in the columns” of various French media. “He had said exactly what we did: there is no surprise. He said that he was against it, but that he wouldn’t block it: that’s exactly what happened.”


“We are very far from an effective enlargement” of the EU “to include Ukraine”, Macron then underlines while responding, in Brussels, regarding concerns about the impact that Ukraine’s accession would have on the common agricultural policy, which for the France, a large agricultural producer, is important, even at an electoral level.

“A possible enlargement – he continues – will require a profound reform of our rules and, therefore, will only be possible with a massive increase in funding. With a change in the current rules and mechanisms”, the entry of Ukraine, which is a colossus agricultural, “it will not be to the detriment of our agriculture: that is a certainty. I saw that the argument was also used by Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an article, but this will not stop us from thinking about ourselves from a geopolitical point of view” .


In the European Council “we also had an exchange on migration. Faced with the increase in irregular border crossings of the European Union and with the fact that the number of asylum requests is at its highest since 2016, the response must be collective, a European level”, underlines the French president.

“At a time when many completely legitimate debates are taking place on the subject in our country – he adds – the national debate must not make us forget that the heart of the response to the fight against immigration is Europe. I hope that the next days will allow us to achieve what we want: to have a more solid policy, which allows us to better control the flows”.

The pact for asylum and migration that “we are finalizing in Europe – he continues – is very important, because it is fundamentally the ability to register people arriving on European soil much better, to have much safer procedures, to have exchanges of much more secure information, to have much clearer filters and much more effective repatriation procedures than those we have today”, he concludes.