Ukraine, Marsili: “Erdogan can convince Putin to negotiate with less pretensions”

Tomorrow the meeting, ‘the main point will be renewal of the agreement on grain exports’

The Turkish mediation so far “has had some success”, from the agreement on the export of Ukrainian wheat to the exchange of prisoners, and Ankara can “persuade the Russian side to go to the negotiations with less demands than it can have”. This was stated in an interview with Adnkronos Carlo Marsili, former ambassador to Turkey, on the eve of the meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, between the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“It will be a wide-ranging meeting on the Russian-Ukrainian question”, with a “main point” namely “the renewal of the wheat agreement, which is very important because it has allowed us to feed African countries and beyond”, underlines the ambassador, who points out that Erdogan’s ambition is “much wider”, with the president who “hopes to bring the two countries to a negotiating table, but this is a more difficult goal to achieve” compared to the agreements reached so far on on Ankara played a role.

For Marsili, after he had the Duma approve the annexation of some provinces of Ukraine through a “worthless” referendum, Putin must now take “a few steps back” and accept that a referendum be held in the disputed regions under international aegis. “and Ukraine must accept it too.”

According to Marsili, it would be important – in view of a serious negotiation process – that Putin and Biden “really talked about peace negotiations” at the next G20 in Bali, even if the American president “will have to convince Ukraine, but this it’s his problem. “

Marsili then underlines how Erdogan is carrying out a decisive diplomatic initiative since the first stages of the conflict for various reasons. “Also for internal political interests in view of the elections, but foreign policy generally does not play a decisive role in the election results – he concludes – The point is that Turkey wants an end to the conflict because it has important relations with both Russia and with Ukraine from an economic point of view, relations that the conflict puts in difficulty “.