Ukraine, massive Russian attack with missiles and drones

Kiev: “24 of 29 drones launched by Russian forces shot down.” UN: 10 thousand civilians killed since the start of the invasion

Ukraine-Russia, new drone attack by Moscow today, 5 October 223, on the southern regions of Odessa and Mykolaiv, as well as on the central region of Kirohovrad. The General Staff of the Kiev forces announced that Ukrainian air defenses shot down 24 of the 29 Shahed aircraft launched on their territory during the night. Russia “continues with its attempts to destroy the port and other infrastructure in the south, and is also spreading terror in the central regions,” the Ukrainian air force said in a statement.

UN, 10 thousand civilians killed since the start of the invasion

They would be around 10 thousand civilians have been killed and tens of thousands injured in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022. This is the estimate on the number of victims among the population contained in the report of the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission, according to which the violence of the fighting in recent months has caused an average of six deaths and 20 injuries every day between February and July this year. “The war has devastated the lives of millions of Ukrainians, including children, who will have to live for many years with a horrific legacy of human loss, physical destruction and environmental damage, particularly contamination from explosive remnants of war,” Danielle said Bell, head of the mission.

The war – the UN denounces – has led millions of Ukrainians to fall below the poverty line, a situation worsened by Russian attacks on agricultural infrastructure or the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in June, which caused serious consequences, from floods to an environmental disaster that “will have long-term negative effects on people living in the area.” Mission observers reported Russian missile attacks against civilians and agricultural facilities, as well as torture, ill-treatment, mock executions, sexual violence and detentions arbitrary.