Ukraine, Mattarella: “Seeking just peace”

The President of the Republic: “We will continue to support Kiev and its right to independence”

“Today we are observing with interest and attention attempts to identify paths of dialogue to achieve peace” in Ukraine. “The principles of solidarity and justice that must unite peoples require the search for a just peace and not for a peace achieved against those who have been attacked”. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the concert offered to the Diplomatic Corps.

“The republican Constitution, born out of the redemption from the tragic experiences of the dictatorship and the Second World War, indicates the repudiation of war as an instrument for resolving disputes. It is a very topical and deeply felt principle, of which the unacceptable aggression of the Russian Federation to Ukraine it represents the most brutal and obvious denial,” Maattarella recalled.

“The conflict which has been producing death and devastation in the heart of Europe for over fifteen months – the head of state reiterated – is also causing very serious consequences at a global level, accentuating food insecurity and poverty in many countries, including they are victims of the consequences of this senseless war, the effects of which are reverberating on the international order patiently built after 1945”.

“Italy, within the framework of its convinced membership of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance, will continue to ensure its support for the Ukrainian people and their right to independence – Mattarella then stated – The pursuit of peace and well-being between nations requires commitment and willingness to identify common solutions together.This is the foundation of our choice in favor of multilateralism”, stated the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the concert given to the Diplomatic Corps.


“Only authentic collaboration between peoples can allow us to successfully tackle global problems that are more pressing every day: from climate change to health protection, from the management of migratory flows to the protection of human rights. This is confirmed by experiences such as the process of European integration, which for almost seventy years has guaranteed freedom and opportunities for growth to the states that are part of it”, Mattarella said again, adding: “The conflict in Ukraine, the growing tensions we have witnessed recently in the Balkans, impose courageous choices, capable of consolidating and ensuring the expansion of the Community project, to make it suitable for facing the challenges of the present time”. “Italy – he assured – will continue to work so that the European Union can be increasingly an actor capable of projecting peace, stability and development on a global level”.