Ukraine, media: “Russian nuclear submarine in Italian waters”

According to NavalNews it would be located between Malta and Sicily and it would be an attack submarine probably equipped with cruise missiles

A Russian nuclear submarine would be found in Italian waters, between Malta and Sicily. According to the NavalNews media, it would be an attack submarine probably equipped with cruise missiles. It is unclear how long the submarine has been operating in the area, but according to the online newspaper it may have been deployed to replace the Russian cruiser Marshal Ustinov who left the Mediterranean on August 24.

“At the moment it is not known what kind of submarine it is – writes NavalNews -. We are sure that it is nuclear-powered. Russia has already deployed nuclear-powered submarines in the Mediterranean, but not frequently. In the current context, it is linked to the war in Ukraine. And also to the recent tensions between Serbia and Kosovo “.

According to the head BlackSeaNews, it would be the submarine K-266 Orel, one of the Oscar II submarines still in service in the Russian Northern Fleet. This vehicle was modernized in 2017 for the Onyx missiles. Yesterday, for several hours, in the area where the presence of the Russian submarine was identified, an intense activity of the American air force was noted.