Ukraine, Medvedev: “The end of Kiev is inevitable, the West will witness its death”

Zakharova: “Europe is sinking with Ukraine”

“The complete bankruptcy of the Ukrainian state and its inevitable demise are increasingly clear prospects.” The deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev wrote on Telegram, adding that the West will be able to do nothing but watch helplessly, “silently”, as Ukraine dies. “The prospect of the complete bankruptcy of the Ukrainian state and its inevitable end is becoming more and more clearly visible”, warned the former Russian president on the day of the EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev.

Harsh words even from Maria Zakharovspokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, who on Telegram, commenting on the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the easing of Western sanctions on Moscow, writes: “Western Europefalling into a recession and having long lost the habit of survival, it is sinking with Ukraine tied to its feet“.

On the news front, one person was killed in a car bomb explosion in the occupied Ukrainian city of Enerhodar, in the Zaporizhzhia region. This was reported by the Tass agency, quoting Vladimir Rogov, leader of the pro-Russian movement ‘We are together with Russia’: “The cause of the explosion that was heard this morning was a car bomb. According to preliminary data, one person died as consequence of the terrorist attack. The fire has been extinguished. The bomb squad is checking the area to rule out the presence of explosives and prevent any other explosions”.

Dmitri Orlov, the city’s mayor, also posted a Telegram message stating that the victim was a former police officer who had defected to work alongside the Russian occupation authorities. In the message Orlov hints that the agent was hit due to the criminal activities carried out by the occupiers: “Since the beginning of March last year and until now, Enerhodar has been a city where the occupiers have been active in ​​criminal activities: they torture and capture people, rob the city’s residents and plunder entire businesses. But they pocket a part of what they receive from the Russian Federation to provide for their needs. The Rashists – he writes using the word that combines the terms ‘Russians’ and fascists’ – they do not need… witnesses. Therefore, they will continue to carry out similar “cleaning”. And the former is already gone”.