Ukraine, Meloni at the G7: “Counter Putin’s narrative”

“It is necessary to intensify contacts with those countries that have still abstained”

Counter Putin’s false narrative, intensify relations with those who hesitate – read the countries that abstained from the United Nations resolution – accelerate the coordination platform for reconstruction, and, above all, keep the pressure on Moscow high. In summary, don’t back off an inch. Giorgia Meloni intervenes at the G7 videoconference convened one year after the beginning of the conflict, also connected from Kiev by President Volodymyr Zelensky. While Palazzo Chigi is tinged with blue and yellow – the colors of the Ukrainian flag – the Greats of the world decide to strengthen the sanction system on the Kremlin.

And Meloni, confirming the line of his government, reaffirms Italy’s position without delay, that is, alongside Ukraine for as long as it will be necessary to repel the invader and restore sovereignty and territorial integrity. In addition to ensuring a prosperous future for Ukraine in the EU, by funding it and helping it to rebuild. The reconstruction, indeed. It is one of the issues on which Meloni beat the most in last Monday’s meeting with Zelensky, today the premier returned to it in the G7 meeting, inviting the big names to the conference he aims to organize in Italy in April, and with respect to which received the enthusiasm of the head of the Ukrainian resistance. In order for reconstruction to start thinking right away, without waiting for the end of a conflict that could still last for a long time.

Unity, cohesion and resilience. World leaders have remarked that, in this dramatic year of war, Putin has not managed to divide them: military, humanitarian and financial support for Kiev has never failed. If the Kremlin’s goal was to divide the EU from the US, to weaken NATO, what it has achieved is exactly the opposite result: NATO and the EU are more cohesive and determined to support Kiev. But for Meloni, efforts must be made to further expand the front that fights alongside Ukraine.

In fact, the Prime Minister remarked that efforts must be increased and united to get closer to what is called the global South, that part of the planet that suffers from Moscow’s propaganda and suffers from the false narrative of Putin and his men. Recounting how she herself, in recent weeks, has intensified contacts with various African leaders.

One step to take, for Meloni, is to bring those countries that are not convinced to his side, to the side of Ukraine and Zelensky, starting with those that chose to abstain yesterday from voting on the resolution of the United Nations assembly . In summary, isolate Moscow as much as possible without precluding a diplomatic way to resolve the conflict, even if at the moment it seems all uphill.

Italy is there, no less than there was with Mario Draghi. The government’s commitment is all-round, 360 degrees, as the premier himself reiterated to Zelensky last Tuesday, going as far as Kiev a few days before the anniversary of the war year, keeping his word. Straight down his path, Meloni tries to leave behind the controversies – the umpteenth ones – caused by the Ukrainian president’s reaction to Silvio Berlusconi’s intemperate reaction on the eve of the vote. Even if in these hours a new front risks opening up with the allies, not only with the Knight’s party but also with the League.

As expected, in fact, the signing of the thousand extensions has arrived from the Quirinale, but with reservations. Among the rules respected by Colle, there is also the measure that extends the tenders for beach concessions by one year. Norma which, from the beginning, did not seem to convince the premier. From Palazzo Chigi leaks “attention and study” for the observations of the Prime Minister. But Lega sources retort to Adnkronos that going back is a complex operation, “I really don’t think the norm is being restored”, says a member of the Carroccio government convinced. So a new battle is already looming on the horizon, which once again risks putting Meloni in difficulty. “When you are in government, marking the difference becomes a complex operation. At least we were also at Palazzo Chigi with Draghi …”, remarks, with a touch of malice, a government exponent with a Fi share.