Ukraine, Meloni: “It’s right to support it but be careful about the consequences for public opinion”

The Prime Minister warns: “War has a strong impact on our societies, we must be good at managing the consequences”

Giorgia Meloni confirms Italian support for Ukraine but also warns of the consequences this may have on public opinion.

“Support for Ukraine is the best way to defend Italy”

“I continue to be convinced – says the Prime Minister in an interview with Sky Tg24 – that supporting Ukraine is not only right but also the best way to defend the Italian national interest. What many pretend not to understand is that if we had a Russian invasion “over the entire territory” of Ukraine we would not be faced with a peace scenario, we would be faced with a reasonable scenario of a war much closer to home. Then it is evident that war generates consequences that have a strong impact on our societies, and if we are not good at dealing with those consequences, public opinions will continue to creak. But it’s inevitable.”

“Inflation, energy prices and migration blame the war”

“It is a topic that Italy addresses at 360 degrees – he explains -. Yesterday we had a telephone conference with our allies, in which I posed this problem: inflation, energy prices, migration, are all consequences of conflict; by impacting citizens they generate resistance or risk generating tiredness in public opinion. If we want to defend Ukraine forcefully – warns the Prime Minister – we must also pay attention to these consequences”.