Ukraine, Meloni to M5S: “Stop? Tell Putin and not us”

Premier: “No hypocrisy from me. On peace propaganda is being made on the skin of Ukrainians, irresponsible”

On the war in Ukraine, “the honorable Scutellà” of the 5 Star Movement “tells us to stop. I think he should tell Putin”. Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in her reply to the Chamber in view of the European Council. “If we stop – he added – we will allow the invasion of Ukraine, I’m not hypocritical enough to mistake an invasion for the word peace. I think we should not allow the invasion of Ukraine, which does not mean not working for a peace plan, not working towards a conflict resolution. Do you really think anyone likes war, do you really think anyone enjoys being in this picture? No.”

“But clearly – Meloni reiterated – the situation is a little more complex than some propaganda makes it. We are talking about peace: can you tell me what are the conditions in your opinion for opening a negotiating table? Do you think that in order to open any negotiating table should or should not Russia be asked to cease hostilities and withdraw troops from Ukrainian territory? Do you believe that Ukraine’s borders should be reviewed and how? Do you believe that Moscow should be given the territories it has occupied, on which he held a self-determination referendum or not?This is what I would like to hear if we are seriously talking about peace, otherwise what is being done is propaganda, on the skin of a sovereign nation, a free people and international law and this is irresponsible.”